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The Cowboy Artists of America was founded in the mid 1960’s. Founding members were Charlie Dye, John Hampton, and Joe Beeler who along with George Phippen on June 23rd, 1965 founded the organization we today call The Cowboy Artists of America or CA.

Mark Sublette, Medicine Man Gallery is proud to carry works by Fred Fellows CA, John Coleman CA, and Oreland Joe CA, all members of the famed Cowboy Artists of America.


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Fred Fellows works in his studio, transforming a lump of clay with ease into a masterpiece soon to be cast in bronze. With magnificent views of the Empire Ranch in the background, it’s no wonder Fred reminisces about his boyhood home in Ponca City. His exposure to the ranching way of life and the Native American culture would heavily influence his work over the ensuing years.

Fred Fellow’s love of and first hand experience living the ranching and cowboy lifestyle no doubt contributed to the acquisition of a membership in the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America organization. In 1997, Fred Fellows rose to the forefront of the organization and became president for the first time. By 2003, he had presided over the organization twice.

Fred Fellows is one of the few Cowboy Artists of America that has won Gold and Silver medals in both painting and sculpture. Fred won the Gold Medal in 1995 for his sculpture “An Honest Days Work” and 1991 for “No Easy Way Out.”

Fred Fellows’s paintings and sculpture can be found in some of the country’s finest museum and corporate collections including the Booth Museum, and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming. He has also won the Grumbacher Fine Arts Award and the Painting Institute of America Award.

Today Fred Fellows lives the cowboy lifestyle he so dearly loves on his ranch in Southern Arizona, with his wife, nationally acclaimed sculptor Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows.

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John Coleman's favorite type of art is the kind that tells a story deeper than what you see on the surface. His love of history overflows into his art. His greatest influences come from the classical masters. In the tradition of Bernini and Canova, John Coleman believes that understanding mythology and its basis for civilization was the anchor for spirituality being a true advocate of this philosophy. He uses mythology as the blueprint for his work. Traditions steeped in folklore and mythic tales are the impetus for his sculpture. "I believe art is about putting a physical face on a spiritual idea. My love for American mythology and Native traditions give me a strong sense of kinship to others who, like me, are dedicated to preserving history."

Born in Southern California in 1949 John Coleman began his early studies at the Art Center for Design in Los Angeles. Since then he has continued his education by studying with many of the top sculptors, and today shares his passion for sculpting by teaching. John Coleman now teaches at the Scottsdale Artists School and the Loveland Academy.

John Coleman has been a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of American since 2001 and the National Sculpture Society since 1999.

Recent awards at the annual Cowboy Artists of America show include: 2005 Silver Medal Sculpture, 2004 Gold Medal for sculpture, 2004 Best of Show and 2004 Artist Choice Award.

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Oreland Joe is world-renowned for his work in stone and bronze sculptures. His works can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections in the United States and abroad. Oreland Joe was born in Shiprock, New Mexico on June 3, 1958. He is a native of New Mexico and is of Dine' (Navajo) and Ute decent. Oreland Joe has grown up in the four-corners area most of his life, both on the Navajo and Ute reservations. Currently, Kirtland, New Mexico provides home to his family and his studio.

Oreland Joe's work in bronze is more recent but has proven to be just as popular as his works in stone. His works in stone are primarily in marble, alabaster, and limestone. In his travels to France and Italy in 1978 and 1984, respectively, turned out to be additional life changing experiences. In 1986, a trip to Japan, introduced a new concept as well as a wider perception/perspective of art in other cultures. A constant study of sculptures in Italy, France, Japan, England, and Egypt continues to enhance Oreland Joe's work. Researching and working with ideas and depictions of Native American lifestyles, songs, and dances of the 1800-1920s has always been a favorite as well. Images from this time span continues to give Oreland Joe a sense of home and the finality of his pieces reveal it.

In 1993, Oreland Joe received the distinct honor of becoming the first Native American artist to be a member of the famed and prestigious organization "Cowboy Artist of America". This honor continues to launch Oreland into new heights in his career. In 1996, he was chosen out of 50 artist and was commissioned by the Ponca City Native American Foundation to produce a twenty-two feet bronze sculpture of "Chief Standing Bear". It is Oreland Joe's crowning achievement to date and his most public artistic statement.

Oreland Joe's love for art has placed him in an elite class of stone and bronze sculptors known throughout the world.

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