Early American, Contemporary Paintings, Sculpture and Fine Antique American Indian Art.

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Maynard Dixon
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Western Painters
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New Mexico Artists
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Indian Baskets

Dresses, Vests, Leggings and Collars
Belts and Gauntlets
Awl Cases and Knife Sheaths
Beaded Fetishes

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Maria Martinez Pottery
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Navajo & Hispanic Rugs

Old Pawn Jewelry
Navajo Bracelets
Hopi Bracelets
Navajo Earrings
Squash Blossom Necklaces
Zuni Bracelets
Watch Bands
Zuni Earrings
Trade Bead and Other Necklaces
Fetish Necklaces
Coral Necklaces
Turquoise Necklaces
Navajo Pins
Other Pins
Zuni Pins
Concho Belts
Hopi Earrings
Santo Domingo Necklaces
Belts Jewelry
Bracelets Jewelry
Earrings Jewelry
Necklaces Jewelry
Pins Jewelry
Rings Jewelry
Bolo Jewelry
Barrettes Other
Boxes and Dishes Other
Tie Clips, Buttons, and Cufflinks Other
Money Clip, Keychains, and Letter Openers Other
Bags, Wallets and Ketohs Other
Jewelry Other

Contemporary Jewelry
Lawrence Baca
Designs Dana Busch
Santo Domingo
Jewelry Frank Patania Jr.
Necklace Miramontes
Ketoh Style Pendants Miramontes
Earrings Miramontes
Bracelets Miramontes
Collection Miramontes
Bracelets Other Jewelry
Earrings Other Jewelry
Necklaces Other Jewelry
Rings Other Jewelry
Miscellaneous Other Jewelry
Pins Other Jewelry
Buckles Other Jewelry
Bolos Other Jewelry
Jewelry Sam Patania
Earrings Santo Domingo
Necklaces Santo Domingo
Inlay Hands Santo Domingo
Inlay Shells Santo Domingo
Buckles Sunshine Reeves
Silver Pots Sunshine Reeves
Shirley Wagner
Jewelry Other

Pueblo Pottery
Acoma Laguna Pueblo Pottery
Cochiti Pueblo Pottery
Hopi Pueblo Pottery
Santo Domingo Pueblo Pottery
San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery
San Juan Pueblo Pottery
Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery
Tesuque Pueblo Pottery
Zia Pueblo Pottery
Zuni Pueblo Pottery
More Pueblo Pottery
Jemez Pueblo Pottery
Mata Ortiz Pottery
Maria Martinez

Antique Furniture
Arts and Crafts Furniture
Contemporary Western Furniture
Spanish Colonial Furniture

Contemporary Painters
Jeff Aeling
Shonto Begay
Mark Bowles
Martha Braun
G. Russell Case
James Cook
Lisa Danielle
Stephen C. Datz
Glenn Dean
Miramontes Designs
Josh Elliott
Fred Fellows CA
Charles Fritz
Bill Gallen
Moira Marti Geoffrion
Logan Maxwell Hagege
Erin Hanson
Gregory Hull
Lynette Jennings
Susan Kliewer
Gregory Kondos
Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Lawrence W. Lee
Francis Livingston
Mark Maggiori
Merrill Mahaffey
Jan Mapes
Alan Mazzetti
Louisa (1953 to 2013) McElwain
David Meikle
Ed Mell
Dean Mitchell
Dominik Modlinski
Rotraut Moquay
John Moyers
Terri Kelly Moyers
P. A. Nisbet
Contemporary Other
Howard Post
Glenn Renell
Ray Roberts
Jim Romberg
Sue Rother
Billy Schenck
W. Jason Situ
Gary Ernest Smith
Matt Smith
James Woodside
Dennis Ziemienski

Contemporary Sculptors
Carol Alleman
Fred Borcherdt
John Coleman CA
Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows NSS
Fred Fellows CA
Thomas Franke
Tammy Garcia
Glenna (b. 1939) Goodacre
Veryl Goodnight
Michael Haykin
Doug Hyde
Oreland C. Joe CA
Susan Kliewer
Richard Loffler
Steven Lucero
Jan Mapes
Ed Mell
Contemporary Sculptures Other
Howard Post
Victoria Roberts
Jim Romberg
Mark Rossi
Roxanne Swentzell
Shirley Thomson-Smith NSS
Jordan Torres
Shirley Wagner
Star York

Wood Sculpture Bowls
Greg Campbell
Glen Crandall
Eucled Moore and Marilyn Endres
Vintage Toys



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